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Fires Still Raging Across Twilight

Authorities say that a recent rash of fires can most likely be attributed to arson. Conditions are only helping to spread the flames. Local families mourn the loss of twenty four victims to date.

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Animal Attacks Increase
A recent rapid increase in abnormal animal behavior has lead to multiple injuries and fatalities...

Pres. Rook Visits
President Joseph Rook visited Twilight earlier this week despite violent protests...

Military Exercises
As you may have noticed, special training exercises are taking place this month...

WZMB Mourns
Veteran news anchor Richard Maple suffered a fatal heart attack while covering the recent 3i merger. He will be greatly missed...

Internet Safety
Are sexual predators trying to prey on your children? Officials say "Yes, definitely"...

Park Rides Unsafe?
Our investigators uncover the truth about ride maintainence at Twilight's historic Jamboree Park...

Flights Cancelled
All outgoing flights from Twilight Intl. Airport have been cancelled due to freak storm...

Media mogul Hubert Mahoney cleared of criminal charges.

Nearly one year after allegations first surfaced, Hyperwolf Media CEO Hubert Mahoney's name has been officially cleared.

Mahoney first came under suspicion when Waitress Jessica Horne accused him of holding her against her will and attempting to force her to commit cannibalism. Horne also claimed that Mahoney ritualistically injured her over the course of weeks and held secret meetings in his home at which she was cruelly humilated.

Judge Abraham Reed dismissed what he called "A most bold and desperate attempt at character assassination". Mahoney's family expressed great joy at the ruling.

At this time there is no word on any legal action Jessica Horne may face.

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