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Official Blog
Follow Joseph Rook's steps on the campaign trail via his official blog, "J.R.'s Journal".
News & Updates

  » Twilight City welcomes Rook
  Onlookers cheer as Joseph Rook attends the opening of Twilight's new stadium.
  Posted 09/20 by Ross Vuriv

  » Sailing high in polls
  See where Rook stands according to you, the people.
  Posted 09/10 by Pam Revis

  » King takes on Rook
  Larry King interviewed Joseph Rook LIVE this week. Find out what he had to say.
  Posted 09/04 by Pam Revis

  » Checkmate!
  See how YOU scored Rook's performance in the recent debate.
  Posted 08/28 by Ross Vuriv

  » Rook crowns Mz. Boise
  Joseph Rook appeared as a guest judge at this year's Mz. Boise pageant. Now the photos are finally here!
  Posted 08/15 by Pam Revis

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"I trust in the dedication of our country and its people."

Watch streaming footage of Rook in the recent debate, courtesy of and Hyperwolf Media.

You're invited to meet Joseph Rook.

Join us for "Conversation in the Park", a get-together for Joseph Rook's supporters, sponsored in part by 3i.

Meet Rook and his advisors at this friendly and personal gathering. Come for the food and fun, stay for the frank discussion. Refreshments provided by Mega Foods, LTD.

You may submit your questions online now. If your question is approved by our staff, you will be able meet and shake hands with Rook onstage during the festivities. To see a list of guidelines and suggested topics, Click Here.

For the date, time, and location, check back soon.

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The Fuel of Tomorrow
Join us as we take a look at the possibilities of an oil-free future. Find out which options Rook would support as President.
God's Decision
Is the discovery of cell-altering fungal agents a blessing... or a curse?

Discover why Presidential hopeful Joseph Rook is strongly against Cell Regen research. Come join the movement to stop lab technicians from playing God with the sick and elderly.
Climate Change
  View Joseph Rook's ideas on climate change and stemming the tide of Global Warming. Learn why supporting Straticon's D.O.V.E. project is imperitive.
Family Values

  In this day and age, good family values are fast becoming a thing of the past. See what Joseph Rook has to say about today's families, and how he plans to bring them together.

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