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GroupLeaderMembers (Active/Total)RecruitmentDescription
The OutcastsKenny Nathan21/139ApplyPost apocalyptic pirates who are here in this hell of a city for themselves. JUST TO CLARIFY, this group lets every race in. Do not attack allies - this is the only rule. You may do as you please but if the group needs you we expect you to front up.
drone-008/8InviteRadiation leaking from Sirling power plant caused several Mantis drone CPU's to malfunction in a single-event upset (SEU). Upon reboot the drones refused to acknowledge orders from base and have formed an independent hive somewhere in Sirling. It has ...
Death Squadhiei2296/123ApplyWe are back, for probably the 5th time. Death Squad was one of the major groups early in the game led by yours truly, hiei229. Essentially a ragtag band of mercs, we ended up starting a lot of fights. Now I will restart it again. We accept any races thoug...
The CollectorsGC006/6ApplyGoCart's data collection project. These alts are for the purpose of data collection only. For any concerns with impropriety, please contact GoCart directly.
The HuntGHOST 9o56/13ApplyMany run from the fight.. We chase it. Contact us for a bounty placement. Vampires and Humans are preferred.
RUSSIAN SPACE SEX GECKOSLambda4/21ApplyThe Geckos are a group of peace. #NotAllGeckos
GreenGoblinsSkyler Beck3/3Open