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GroupLeaderMembers (Active/Total)RecruitmentDescription
Death Squadhiei22912/102ApplyWe are back, for probably the 5th time. Death Squad was one of the major groups early in the game led by yours truly, hiei229. Essentially a ragtag band of mercs, we ended up starting a lot of fights. Now I will restart it again. We accept any races thoug...
Autonomous Creaturesnocturnal owl6/6InviteCyberneticly designed "things".
The HuntGHOST 9o56/11ApplyMany run from the fight.. We chase it. Contact us for a bounty placement. Vampires and Humans are preferred.
The OutcastsKenny Nathan6/74ApplyPost apocalyptic pirates who are here in this hell of a city for themselves. JUST TO CLARIFY, this group lets every race in. Do not attack allies - this is the only rule. You may do as you please but if the group needs you we expect you to front up.
Drunk UnclesRoly4/15Inviteself explanatory me thinks.
Embassy of DeathSubject 1013/6OpenHated by all, the Embassy of Death was outlawed in every realm of existence. We fought fearlessly in Hellish realms and held the forces of the Immortals at bay for centuries, finally having been defeated by The Attack of 100 Years we were exiled to this t...
Moonstone Lycan PackSkathi3/17OpenForget everything you knew about HR, you're a werewolf now.... Regardless of current race. And you have right to wear sandals on socks.
The Giovanni FamilyKudlak3/25Applythe Giovanni are both a clan and a family. They Embrace exclusively within their family, and are heavily focused on two goals: money and necromantic powerrnThe Giovanni have a reputation that causes most fellow Vampires to avoid them at all costs. The cla...
Xenopsylla CheopisTheta3/6OpenA group dedicated to protecting Darkridge as well as giving the less fortunate residents of Serling a place to feel welcome. It was formed when Theta had the realization that while there are many groups of Humans who have banded together, there are few th...