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GroupLeaderMembers (Active/Total)RecruitmentDescription
Serling Suicide PreventionJack Slade17/23ApplyDon't kill yourself. Let us do it for you. || Healing, Reviving, Saving the City. (Raptor will return)
The OutcastsDon Durk15/67ApplyPost apocalyptic pirates who are here in this hell of a city for themselves. JUST TO CLARIFY, this group lets every race in. Do not attack allies - this is the only rule. You may do as you please but if the group needs you we expect you to front up.
Xrun and Minions :DXrun32113/20ApplyThe majestic Xrun Island has commanded it's most loyal followers to bring down it's destruction and randomness all upon Serling. We are a random group that has no allegiance but to ourselves and our only rule is to resist the urge to kill other me...
The HuntGHOST 9o58/16ApplyMany run from the fight.. We chase it. Contact us for a bounty placement. Vampires and Humans are preferred.
Xenopsylla CheopisTheta7/11OpenA group dedicated to protecting Darkridge as well as annihilating the humans within Serling. It was formed when Theta had the realization that it would be easier to stay well fed with a following at their back. Thus, the vampire set out to gather friends ...
Aundae ClanMadeline5/34ApplyWe are the kindred, Hells ancient descendants, Begging the night not to go. Would you die for the dead yet still living? Starved of a life that's now gone, We are the children, The hungry children. Erupt in violence. As the ancients slumbered Wanker p...
Drunk UnclesRoly4/11Applyself explanatory me thinks.
Moonstone Lycan PackSkathi4/15OpenForget everything you knew about HR, you're a werewolf now.... Regardless of current race. And you have right to wear sandals on socks.
RUSSIAN SPACE SEX GECKOSLambda3/19ApplyThe Geckos are a group of peace. #NotAllGeckos