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Lazarix Pharmacudicals, Straticon Technologies, & Loki Communications are the new 3i.

Don't worry! Your current Loki and Lazarix relationships will not change.
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Coporate Spotlight:

  Mantis Security

  Assisting our men & women in uniform for over 40 years, Mantis provides top-notch protection and integral services to our military overseas.

  Comprised primarily of highly decorated ex-military personnel from all branches of the armed forces, Mantis is the unrivaled industry leader in the field of high-risk security.

  Mantis is proud to be a part of the 3i family.

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3i in the News:

Corporate Giant 3i Aquires Loki Communications
Jan. 04, 2007 | Associated press
"Stock prices rose to unprecidented levels after 3i officially announced its plans to purchase the nation's largest provider of telephone service…"
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3i Beats Rap in Accounting Scandal
Sep. 21, 2006 | Associated press
"After a lengthy court battle, a Judge ruled today that 3i beared no responsibility for billions in missing funds. When asked, representitives…"
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Millions Donated to Fight Killer Disease
Aug. 12, 2006 | Associated press
"Gary Strane, 3i CEO and long-time advocate for world health, recently announced a generous multi-million-dollar donation to fight sickness in…"
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3i, President Rook Disagree on New Research
Jun. 04, 2006 | Associated press
"The Whitehouse has announced bold new restrictions on cell regen research. This will greatly affect 3i subsidiary Lazarix. Experts believe a fungal…"
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3i Subsidiary Straticon Unveils Environmental Plan
Mar. 23, 2006 | Associated press
"After months of speculation, Straticon has finally unveiled its plans for environmental safety and climate control. Dubbed "D.O.V.E.", the…"
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